Adidas Arkyn – new model presented by Kendall Jenner

Adidas Arkyn -a new model of Adidas sneakers made only for women shows creativity, individuality, authenticity and style. Arkyn was presented by 5 beautiful models: Kendall Jenner, Syv de Blare, Florencia Galarza, Ana Kras and Marisa Competello.

adidas Arkyn at SHOOOS

Arkyn is more than just a sneaker. Arkyn is a style. This model wasn´t created for mainstream sheep but for those who want to step out. This luxurious and limited edition disposes by top quality materials and stylish details.

Step into the future with these exclusive sneakers on your feet. Thanks to Boost – our most responsive cushioning – you´ll enjoy every step you make with an extraordinary lightness.

Kendall Jenner is one of the most famous models in the world. Her passion is design, writing, acting and photography. She´s the perfect example of a self-concious, strong and successful young woman who doesn´t want to be part of the mainstream.

Another young lady who presented Adidas Arkyn is a musician Syv de Blare. She creates a totally new reality in a music industry. She´s also an excellent photographer and she shows that creativity has no limits.

What do a professional dancing and a floral design have incommon? Marisa Competello! After almost a decade of working as a styling assistant her only desire was a change. As blood of Arkyn circulates in her body, she didn´t hesitate and started her own business in NYC– a design studio focused on flowers called Meta Flora. She´s dedicated to minimalist compositions which reflect her interest in movement, colors and structure.