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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star on Shooos

Classic Converse canvas models originated from sneakers, which was promoted by basketball player Chuck Taylor back in the 30's of the 20th century as a Converse salesman on the American continent. It is all about the textile (though in the course of time, leather, winter and other models hit the market) models of two types: high, ankle and low sneakers. They are still selling their original shape today.

The first color Converse began to produce was a high Converse sneaker with off-white color, now you might say gently yellow. The color was called gentle yellow, because it was not possible to perfect and produce a true white. These are sold today with SKU: 9162.

The other colors found in the Classic Colors models are just the following (other colors in Chuck Taylor All Star are called Fresh Colors): white (models 7652 and 7650), black (models 9160, 9166 and 3310, 5039) , 9621), blue (9697, 9622), pink (9006 and 9007). That is all folks!