new logo new identity Shooos

The big reveal. We have changed the logo! We gave the new logo some action, a distinctive drive and a most certainly a new life. The new logo is dynamic and timeless which reflects our philosophy.

Over the past few months, our site got a new facelift and a speed improvement (it is twice as fast now! ...), what began as a small bug fix is now responsible for a big change. In addition to the new look, Shooos finally mirrors how we feel!

The new agile and modern logo has opened doors to foreign markets for Shooos. Great things are to be expected, as Shooos plans to expand its offer of clothing brands.

Here are some shots made by Peter Sedlacek from the Crea Crea studio, where our logo designers and skillful graphic artists have done their magic, while we still envy their nomadic life of free graphic and creative artists.