Patagonia: Autumn at the end of the world

The further you travel the better. Patagonia stretches through southern Chile and a piece of Argentina, this area is also known as the end of the word because it is where the mainland ends. A place where blue lakes, breathtaking mountains and landscapes, uninhabited islands, and endless fjords will charm everybody who is brave enough to visits.

One of the most famous of the most visited parks in Chilean Patagonia is Torres Del Paine, which translated from their aboriginal language means “blue towers”. You can reach the iconic towers after a 5-hour hike, climb over snowy rocks alongside frozen river streams. These mountains are so locally popular, that Chilean banks are printing them on banknotes.

The views in Patagonia re unlike any other in the world. Wherever you look you can spot beautiful landscapes and and endless amounts of local wildlife. For example, guanacos, which are specific species of lama.

The Patagonian days begin early almost as soon as the sun goes out over the mountains and starts to warm up the air. Our toes that frozen at night at minus temperatures were grateful for every ray. The morning sun meant the end of the rodent who spent the night scrambling on our tent.

After crossing by the Magellan Strait , we observed the nesting penguins that came to the Land of Fire to "warm up" from the frosty Antarctic.