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Onewheel+ XR

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Onewheel is a newcomer coming from the USA.
In Slovakia we offer it first. A modern form of moving from A to B. All Onewheel products are designed and manufactured in California. Onewheel is an original manufacturer of Onewheel, Onewheel + and Onewheel + XR.
Simply, but the most beautiful ride on the planet. Snowboard all season, take control of any terrain with a smile on your face!
Future Motion's dream was to be able to embark on bigger adventures, do more, ride on, or even use Onewheel as your primary vehicle. They have come to make this a reality with the extended Onewheel + XR series.

Onewheel + XR is a year-round ride in any weather and will take you wherever you need to.

- Electric motor stored directly in the wheel
- Tilt forward, slow down, very easy to use.
- Bright LED headlights and tail lights change automatically when switching direction.
- Safe LiFePo4 battery lasts for years of daily use without sacrificing reach
- It takes approximately 2 hours to charge from a regular wall outlet
- Range ranges from 19-28 KM, depending on how fast you are

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